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The Blessed Assurance Sanctuary Security
video series is a 100% online
church security video training series that is taught using Lecture and Demonstration style videos.

As we read in the Bible from 1 Peter, Ch. 5, Verse 8 from the King James Version....

"Be Sober, Be Vigilant; Because your adversary the devil , as a roaring lion , walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:"

If you have the desire to start a church security detail at your church or place of worship or currently have a church security detail, but don't train or know what to train on, this online church security training video series can provide you with the information and skills to protect your congregation and your property.

Be Proactive instead of Reactive......
Get instant access and have an online church security video training series at your finger-tips.

Having a Church Security detail is just the first step. You have to Plan and Train to be effective in the time of an emergency.

Could you defend your congregation from a violent attack before the Police arrive?

Active Shootings, on average, last between 10-12 minutes... Police response, on average, is 14 minutes.

Before the police arrive, your church security detail will be what stands between the attackers and your members.

Learn Proactive and Reactive Tactics and Strategies.
  • Out plan, Out wit and Outlive!!!

  • Church Security is a


Who is this course for?
  • Any size of Church or Place of Worship can use the information in this series.

  • Those that have a Desire to start a Church Security Detail.

  • Church Security Details that want more information and want to improve.

What’s included in this Course?
  • Over Sixty church security training videos

  • PDF forms to correspond with selected topics.

  • Over five hours of church security training content.

What’s next....
  • Watch any and all of the church security training videos as many times as you want.

  • Take lots of notes and discuss ways to implement your ideas.

  • Watch the videos as a team, then implement the techniques.

The Blessed Assurance Sanctuary Security video series is priced so any church on any size of budget can afford this course.

Don't let your place of worship be on the wrong side of the Headlines!!! Now you can have access to a church security video training series.

Don't let your place of worship be the another Statistic!!! Having a well-trained church security detail is something every place of worship needs.

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PHONE: 606-875-7991

  • Get instant access to the course material upon payment. This a 100% online church security training series.
  • You will be able to watch the all of the course videos when you want, as many times you want from any device.
  • Have lifetime access to this online church security training course. No hidden fees. The $199 will be all you'll ever have to pay.

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